adelaide photography course - night sessions

Frustrated by all the super technical gear nerds who confuse you with their jargon rather than giving it to you straight?

Easy Camera Lesson’s night courses are designed to help you get control of your camera in a fun and fast way. In just five sessions we can have you making the most of that expensive purchase.

Nat spends time during these sessions getting you comfortable with the settings on your particular camera. Hands on activities help you build an understanding of the technical aspects of photography without feelings of overwhelm.

Analysing photographs and relating them to your own goals helps you to step towards the photographs you personally want to create.

Learn to create stories through photography, represent your world confidently, learn to communicate visually with nuance.

Night Sessions are held as a 5 week short course. 6pm - 9pm - City Location (Tea, coffee and a glass of vino if you want it included.)

We would love to send you more info about our fun photography night classes based in Adelaide. Or check for current courses running right now here.

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