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digital story telling workshops

These days, young people are more confident with technology than ever.

Easy Camera Lesson’s Digital Story Telling Workshops are designed for school incursions and groups of young people. Our workshops are created in line with the Australian Curriculum, to complement The Arts or Media Arts using available devices like I-pads , mobile phones or cameras.

While participating in achievable story based activities, students learn to use digital devices to take photos which truly express concepts, explore meaning while also interpreting and responding to media artworks.

Analysing images and artworks from a range of cultural backgrounds means students are introduced to visual devices which are incredibly valuable in other disciplines of media and art.

While creating stories through photography, young people are empowered to represent their worlds confidently, and they learn to communicate visually with nuance.

Planning photographs with distinct characteristics gives learners opportunities to develop storytelling practices while using imagination, collaboration and planning in their work.

We would love to send you more info about our South Australian school incursions or photography lessons for groups of young people. Or propose a booking right now here.

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